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Why coaching? Why now?

Who needs a life coach anyway?  A fair question... if you haven't experienced coaching before.  The thing is, it's the successful people - those at the top of their game - that come to coaching.  But is that because there's more 'wrong' with them than other people?


Well, no... the thing they all have in common is that they want to learn, grow and improve in their chosen area, in order to be the best they can be.

It might be that there's a specific issue that initially brings people to coaching, perhaps a feeling that there has to be another way... but the people who really make coaching work for them are the ones who see, and use, the learning that comes from stopping, reflecting and challenging themselves, with a trusted sparring partner supporting them.

Reflect on the following reasons why YOU might be drawn to coaching:

you're stuck

Do you feel like you have no choice?  You feel stuck, your situation seems 'fixed', and you see no way out.  You tell yourself it’s impossible, or too risky… humiliating if you fail, or - even - the difficult consequences that success could bring...!   It is as it is, and you have no choice in the matter.


Coaching gives you a solid, safe base from which to identify old patterns, learned behaviours, triggers and fears.  It develops your awareness, provides you with the courage and support you need to recognise old habits, clarify what you really want and need, and allows you to learn and grow in the way you choose.

you're lost

Do you feel like you're living life on autopilot?  Life just seems to happen to you.  Perhaps you ‘fell’ into your job or situation, that it's “okay, I guess”, but not really fulfilling you.  You feel that there must be something more out there, but haven’t found your ‘thing’ yet.  

Coaching helps you to recognise where and when you slip into autopilot: doing, saying or thinking in a certain way because you 'should’, and then helps you rediscover your spark… your passion and real desires.  Learn how to raise your awareness, consider new options, take control and feel fulfilled, on your terms.

you're unhappy

Do you feel that something has to give?  You are feeling low and out of energy, yet you plod on regardless.  You don’t love your situation, but know you should feel lucky and grateful.  You find excuses to justify the status quo.  Plodding on - and suppressing your true needs for whatever reason - causes your spirit, emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing to suffer.  But how we see things depends purely on how we look at them.


Coaching helps you see what you are missing, discover what really makes you happy, what gives you back the energy you are lacking, and helps bring your balance back.  Coaching helps you connect with your true reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

you're happy

So why is this a good time for coaching?  Coaching helps to fix things – doesn’t it? – so why fix what isn’t broken?


As a happy person, you are connected to yourself: your goals, values, energy reserves and passions.  In other words, you are motivated, confident and open to growth, learning and possibilities.


And you recognise that there is a greater potential within you.  You are often more engaged, motivated and eager to try new things.  You are ready to move out of comfort zones and explore what else is possible!

you're starting over

New relationship?  Change of job?  Significant life change?  Even if initially painful, this is an amazing and exciting place to find yourself.  You want to begin again on your own terms.  Perhaps you find yourself outside your comfort zone, feeling vulnerable and uncertain.


Coaching helps you discover the patterns, hooks and triggers that pull you back into old habits.  Become aware of these old patterns and ‘scripts’, take your pen and write the next chapter of your life, on your own terms.

you're scared

Do you find yourself saying, "But what if..?"?  You are scared of failure and, yes, perhaps even of the consequences of success.  You are concerned of what others think or say about you, and beat yourself up a little when you don’t live up to their (or indeed your own) expectations.


Coaching helps you notice the negative ‘saboteurs’ that twist the truth for you by trying to keep you safely in your comfort zone.  It shifts your perspectives and shines a light on those hidden fears enabling you to recognise, name and face them in a safe and supportive place.  Coaching offers the tools, support and courage you need to take the actions you choose to take.

you're waiting

After all, you’ll be happy just as soon as…!  You do feel that life is too short to let it plod on, waiting for something to happen, change or become easier before you can be happy.  But it’s okay because “just as soon as…(fill in the gap: I retire, the kids are old enough, my boss retires, I lose the weight, I have enough money, I have more time…), everything will be just fine”.  You are stuck in the now, and justifying it in the hope that time will make tomorrow better than today.


Coaching supports you in designing the goals to fit into your life today, so that your future self will thank you for it.

you're overwhelmed

Are you juggling too many balls?  You have way too much to do, and too little time to do any of it.  Your stomach ties in knots at the thought of all you have to do… and all of it is urgent.  You feel like running away (but then who would keep all those balls in the air if you did?).  You simply have to skip lunch, drink more coffee, work after hours and so, so much more.  You get up earlier, try to get more organised, or plan better, but somehow, it’s not helping.  You promise yourself a rest at the weekend that never quite materialises, but it’s only this weekend / it’s okay / I don’t mind / I can’t let the team down…


Coaching stops the hamster wheel, allows you to pause for breath, and really see what is going on.  You learn to see each 'ball' for what it is and take the time to reflect, learn and make the best choices for your wellbeing.


These are some common reasons that bring people to coaching but, whatever the initial reason, you will find yourself changing old perspectives, breaking down old barriers, and growing your confidence and abilities to become the architect of your own, future success.

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