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Don't take our word for it...

“Working with Stephen has transformed the way I prioritise and focus my energy.  I leave every session with more confidence, and motivated by the topics, tools and techniques that we cover.  I am more intentional about how I plan my days, weeks, months and years, giving me a sense of purpose and achievement.”                                                      LK, Senior Sales Executive

"As a result of our sessions I now have a very clear understanding of my core values and motivations in life, and I refer to these insights whenever I feel uncertain or when I make a major life decision.  With Stephen's support, I made a decision to move country and am now living in Canada.  He also helped me gain the confidence to start a more entrepreneurial venture, which had never felt possible before.  Working with him has been transformative."                                                 CM,  Education Specialist

“Coaching sessions with Stephen have been invaluable to me, overcoming personal and professional challenges which, before our sessions, had been overwhelming.  I was working on a multifaceted project which required experience that extended beyond my abilities.  Stephen's knowledge, patience and empathetic nature allowed me to tackle challenges head on, and also empowered me to believe that I really can do anything!  I always look forward to my time with him, and take away something new and positive every time we meet.”                                                                  RH, Social Entrepreneur

"My mindset has been completely transformed through the activities Stephen has given me to practice and deploy during times of stress, frustration, and sadness.  He is very balanced as a coach and, whilst he has a clear insight into 'where I am' and what he thinks I need to hear, he is very responsive and adaptable to changes in my requirements from a coaching session.  As a result of my time with Stephen I feel more resilient, a greater resolve in my decision making (both personally and professionally), and able to take on life to the maximum of my ability."                                                                                                         MC, Tech Entrepreneur

“I can’t sing Stephen’s praises enough.  My team met with him for a full day session, and it was extremely beneficial… something I wish I’d done earlier.  We were able to talk and learn as a group, everything from working out values, conflict management, targets and outcomes.  But the most inspiring and ‘just do it’ outcome was tangible goal setting – this has changed the trajectory of the company, as well as for me personally.”                                                                                     IM, Social Media Director

“Working with Stephen has made an immense difference to where I am personally and professionally.  After our first session I left with a specific goal about how much money I wanted to make and a realistic plan in place to reach that goal.  I also felt confident and motivated to put that plan into action.  With regular meetings, Stephen helped me develop a marketing strategy and gave me insight and motivation to see through the various stages, pain points and work around any roadblock.  As a result of working with him, I saw through my first ever marketing campaign.”                                                                                         SS, Designer

“Stephen helped me to deal with difficult people – both within conflict scenarios, and more Machiavellian situations.  Using several methods, our sessions progressively enabled me to address overt antagonisms – and underlying issues – to combat a toxic situation decisively and effectively; I am way more productive and happier as a result.”                JK, Marketing Consultant

“Outside of our regular sessions, a ten-minute call with Stephen before entering a potentially stressful situation – whether it’s being filmed, or having an art opening ,or making important business decisions – enables me to have a successful outcome that I am 100% sure could not have been possible without his words of wisdom and rationality.”                                          HH, Artist

"Stephen's sessions have played a vital role in my personal and professional growth over the past year.  He has given me invaluable tools to approach traumatic personal challenges.  By practising and applying these, I was able to overcome testing situations in a productive, effective and mindful way.  Thanks to our coaching sessions I now have a very clear understanding of my core values, beliefs and true purpose in life.  I have developed the skills to make more aligned, healthy choices within my personal life - and I feel much happier and authentic as a result.  And a structured business action plan has given me achievable steps and (just as importantly) the self belief to reach my audacious goals.  I leave every session elevated from Stephen's energy and motivated to put my plan into action.  This year has been a transformational one for me and I don't know if it would have been possible without Stephens rationality, wisdom, and encouragement."      RB, DJ

"I was so grateful to work with Stephen, who is an exceptional coach.  After facing challenging personal/life circumstances, I needed to reset.  I couldn't power through on grit and stamina, and I really needed a framework and - most of all - a plan.  Stephen helped me to take a step back and rediscover my values and what was important to me, above and beyond my job.  I was able to get out of 'free fall mode' and really reconnect and understand myself, my passions and motivations, and where I could best use those things to build my energy back up to excel again... which I have.  I have skills and frameworks now for the longer term and I am far more resilient with his help.  Helping me to build a new vision and plan was key to moving forwards again."    VB, Social Media Music Executive

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