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In danger of losing your creativity?

I'm very excited at the prospect of speaking at Electric House tomorrow evening, addressing a dilemma for our age - are you in danger of losing your creativity? "The wide availability of very shallow knowledge has led to the illusion of profound understanding"... and this will only diminish the effectiveness and potency of true creativity. During the session tomorrow night, I will be covering such subjects as 'Imposter Syndrome', 'Motivation', 'Beliefs', 'Goal-setting', and 'Mindfulness', subjects which form the bedrock of my work as a Coach & Mentor. I hope the session will unlock some doors - and limiting beliefs - for attendees, and help them on their way to acheiving their dreams. At the very least, I hope it will make the path smoother - as the incomparable Ruby Wax says, "Pain is pain, but suffering is optional". Hope to see you there tomorrow!

#goals #dreams #event

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