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Winning Half the Battle...

I'm afraid - after my last post - it's time for another rant... This time it's about timekeeping, or the lack thereof. Specifically, it's about a meeting I had booked in for 4.30pm on Monday, with three people, essentially wanting MY MONEY for a franchise opportunity. And this meeting was already the second time it had been rearranged. Following a previous phone conversation, which had itself been rearranged twice as well. By 'them', not me, I hasten to add... Anyway, when checking that the said 4.30pm was still on, I received the following - word-for-word - text from one of the guys I was due to meet... "Running late... likely to be much nearer 6.30... if too late can we reschedule". And this was sent to me 59 minutes before the due meeting time. No apology, no (good/ any) reason given and, let me remind you, these boys want MY MONEY. So, my reply was suitably terse, and I doubt whether anything will now come of this. But compare that to a story I heard at the annual School Of Hard Knocks (SoHK) Awards, held the following night... one of the award winners was a lad who had been abused by a family member from the ages of 4 to 8, and had subsequently succumbed to drug addiction as an adolescent. However, he engaged with SoHK and, through rugby training and playing, gained confidence for the first time in his life, kicked his heroin habit - two years clean - and learnt about Loyalty, Camaraderie, Trust, Respect, and, lesser, but almost as important in the grand scheme of respectful things, TIMEKEEPING. In fact, this lad was as proud of his respectful timekeeping, as he was of kicking the smack. His story is an amazing example of what can be achieved through positive action, by both parties, and puts to shame the appalling (small stuff, I know) behaviour of privileged people, who should know better. Have respect for others time, people... turn up EARLY!! Because turning up is half the battle...

#goals #ambitions #dreams #rugby #confidence #rant #camaraderie

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