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"Drone Pitch"

This blog isn't about the sound frequency of a continuous humming noise or, indeed, the angle of attack of the rotors of an unmanned aerial vehicle... it's a term I've coined to describe the relentless, ignorant and non-active-listening method, attitude and approach that some people have, when it comes to pitching themselves, their products or services. Let me explain or, more specifically, ask you a question: Have you ever been in a meeting with a supplier or potential business partner and, despite having a specific agenda and focus to the meeting, the said 'pitcher' blathers on, and on, and on, about every single thing they've done or achieved - whether relevant to the agenda, the matters and issues at hand or, even, the actual bloody PROBLEM faced by the person to whom they're pitching.

It's a form of ingrained insecurity, and one I've experienced, first-hand as an observer, three times this week... to the extent that the COO of one organisation being pitched to, began rolling his eyes and smirked at the ludicrous - and, basically, rude - farce of the situation. I spent many years working in advertising, and one tenet of that industry is the need, and skill, to encapsulate a vast amount of information, features and attributes into a straightforward, relevant, single-minded and benefit-driven proposition - that is, essentially, at the centre of all good advertising and communications. And it strikes me that most people (based on my recent non-scientific research!), could do with a healthy dose of 'proposition reality-check'. Don't give me your entire f*cking life-history, tell me - simply - how you're different, and how you're going to solve my problems! Rant over.

#selling #advertising #pitching #rant

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