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Taming the Mind. Unlocking the Mind.

My first blog in a while - shame on me - but, in my defence, things have been (nicely) busy... ... not least because I have been preparing for my first Coaching-oriented presentation to a large group. Along with four trusted friends and partners (full line-up to be announced!), I will be holding an event on Thursday 30th August - in a central London venue - around the subject of "Taming Your Mind & Unlocking Your Mind"... giving you lots of top tips, tools and techniques around goal-setting and mindfulness (as well as a special guest appearance, around the subject of innovation, and "Envisioning Your Future"), to help you achieve CRAZY ambitions, and keep on track doing so... So please watch this space - and my other social channels - to find out full details and joining instructions... would be great to see you there :)

#dreams #ambitions #mindfulness #innovation #goals

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