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Third time lucky...?

And so it comes to pass that England reaches the semi-finals of the World Cup for only the third time. We all know what happened in 1966, and - sadly - all know what happened in 1990.

They say that things come in threes, and - as with England - the same is true of me. In 1990, I was hunched around a TV screen with British Airways colleagues in Florida, otherwise engaged in my first career as a pilot... when England famously went out on penalties.

Fast forward three years, and I started my second career, as an advertising man, with Ogilvy. (I'm not sure how England were performing in 1993 but, then again, I wasn't alive for their first famous victory in 1966, so I guess that evens things out...)

And then, in 2018, I finally started - long overdue, most have said - my third career, as a Coach & Mentor. And it strikes more than a chord with me to now quote Gareth Southgate... "I honestly believe if you really have a goal in life, you can achieve it. You will make the sacrifices and dedicate yourself in the way you need to get there".

I can't emphasise enough how this is proves true for my clients. Time and time again I have seen it come to pass, with - as Gareth says - dedication, and facing the things no one else would dare say; showing my clients what they can't see... and achieving their priceless dreams!

Here's to us all achieving our dreams, football or otherwise...

#confidence #winning #football #dreams

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