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Be present. See beauty.

So it comes to pass that I am phone-less. Not in the sense that I need to update all my social feeds with news of this, or provide a temporary number (fortunately, it is just a few floors down from where I am sitting, on charge), but - still - I feel somewhat bereft.

And it is not that I am addicted to my phone by any means (well, the average mean, at least!), but I am, simply, pretty dependent on it for a lot of my business, admin, contact, etc... I wonder how long I could realistically operate without the wee fella? And I'm reminded of separate conversations with two clients recently, during which we discussed putting the phone away - or down, at least - to enable more efficiency, and greater productivity.

There is no doubt that what has now become a, somewhat, necessary evil is nevertheless still highly enabling, and powerful... but at what cost? I heard a story recently of the lead singer of a famous band, his opening words at a show being, "Put your phones down, stop filming, and just enjoy the f***ing gig".

And, walking around new places, constantly taking pictures and video, surely detracts from our genuine appreciation of the beauty and awe in front of us? I spoke to a client this morning and we discussed the benefit and value of living in the moment, and appreciating what is right in front of us, around and above us.

So - thank you for reading, but - put your device (invariably a mobile phone, nowadays) away, and stop to look up, down, around and in front... isn't it a beautiful world, after all, without digital enhancement?

#phones #beauty

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