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The C-bomb(s)

If you've come looking for some filthy talk based on my blog post title - you're not in luck, I'm afraid.

If, however, you're looking for some uplifting insight into how people "overlap", then you might be a bit happier...

I've been struck by three distinct things from working with three individual clients recently... Compassion, Camaraderie and Confidence.

Seemingly unrelated, they are nevertheless three rich seams running through my current interactions with those three clients. In the first case, Compassion was seeping out of my client's every pore, when we carried out an "evidence-based, strength-centred feedback" exercise. In this exercise, when the client answers three searching, open questions, we then identified the self-affirming realisation that he was indeed highly Compassionate, something he suspected but had never been "allowed" to own.

In the second case, my client - again, following some searching, open-ended questions - realised the simple fact that Camaraderie was (perhaps obviously, but not not necessarily), a key factor in his interactions with everyone, and would continue to be so, even more, as he continued his journey.

Finally, the issue of Confidence comes up regularly in the life of a Coach & Mentor, and their clients. In this particular case, my client proclaimed a lack of Confidence - which we are working on - but, actually, everything points to her having an inner Confidence, that belies outward appearances.

My point here is that, with a small amount of intelligent coaxing, we can all discover the things within each of us that we otherwise don't allow ourselves to acknowledge, or realise, or even see right in front of us... so stay present, strong, and work the "C-bomb(s)"!

#compassion #camaraderie #confidence

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