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Happiness and wellbeing

I was speaking to a client yesterday, and we discussed the concept of 'wellbeing'. And I remembered reading - well over 15 years ago - a definition of exactly that, attributed to Albert Camus (who died in 1960), which I have never forgotten... he suggested an individual needs just four things to 'be well', and lead a happy, fulfilling and satisfying life. These four conditions are: - Life in the open air - Love for another being - Freedom from ambition - Creation This contrasts neatly with another four traits identified, in a much more recent study, as defining the happiness and wellbeing of an individual. They are: - Generosity - Resilience - Attention - Goodness

Contrast they may well do but, in my humble opinion, they sufficiently resonate with each other to suggest that the anti-nihilist Camus was onto something, despite his lack of empirical evidence... For the more evidence-based stuff, see here: Be well!

#love #freedom #creation

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