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Ownership, ownership, ownership...

A few years ago, the now departed - and genius, ruthless, polymathic - Felix Dennis told me that the secret to being rich was "ownership, ownership, ownership, dear boy".

And not for the first time, we now hear of an ownership battle over a name, that - if you know me - made me chuckle...

Courtesy of Quartz and The Hussle then:

"A tiny deli from Malibu, CA aptly named Malibu Kitchen has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the owners of Soho House -- a global empire of clubs and restaurants -- for infringement of intellectual property rights. It’s the first salvo in the developing legal battle for the fate of the Malibu brand.  The famed deli, backed by celebs like Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Streisand, found out through a New York Times review that owners of the Soho House opened a London-based restaurant also titled Malibu Kitchen, and the real Malibu Kitchen ain't happy."

Let's see how this one develops then... ;-)

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