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“Working with Stephen for the last two years has been a huge help to my personal and professional development. With years of experience behind him, he has a unique charm that can't help but inspire you to be a better version of yourself.


He has always been a fantastic coach and guide to help me progress my career - and build on essential professional skills whilst listening to my needs and being very understanding."

Miles Zilesnick, Digital & Social Strategist, McCANN Enterprise

Phil Hill, Director, PH Balance

“Two years ago, Stephen was recommended to me as a business mentor for my online music tuition idea.  I didn’t know what to expect but, within seconds of meeting Stephen, I felt at ease.  His energy, enthusiasm and overall manner helped us to work together in the most productive way possible.


He is positive, yet critical when required, and I was able to have, and continue to have, full confidence in him. Stephen helped me to think outside of the box using his experience in digital marketing and the business world, and help me develop my ideas.  As a result, I always knew what section of my business start-up I would be working on, and what would be next.  Meetings and tasks were extremely well structured and well documented afterwards… and completely professional, yet relaxed.


I would highly recommend Stephen as a coach, business mentor... and overall legend!"

Adam Pickard, Founder, APguitar

"Stephen's high level of expertise comes from a depth of experience... my learning curve has been considerably shortened, whether that be through understanding branding, and the creative process, right through to how to run a successful business."


Michael Adjei, Founder

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