What we believe

Our London-based coaching consultancy believes in improving the results - and lives - of our clients, both on a personal basis and in a business context.

What we do

We focus on coaching and mentoring business leaders from the creative industries and the tech sector.  Existing successful leaders.  And the leaders of the future.  We unlock ambitious, practical and effective solutions to the challenges they face.

How we
do it

Our personal and proven approach is based on over 30 years of commercial, managerial, entrepreneurial, mentoring and coaching experience - within global companies, self-founded companies and independent consultancies.  We bridge the gap between the creative and the analytical... the emotive, the rational, and the physical.  By energising your heart, mind and body.

What we can do for you

We offer advice and tangible solutions (both corporate and personal), via one-to-one coaching and mentoring.  Our areas of focus include the following modules: Analytical Rigour, Career Development, Change Management, Communication, Conflict & Negotiation, Creative Originality, Decision Making, Entrepreneurship & Opportunities, Cultural Awareness, Grit & Resilience, Leadership & Management, Learning, Nutritional Guidance, Physical Performance, Stress & Anxiety, Teamwork.

What we know

We have passion, expertise and experience in: Psychology, Branding, Talent Management & Team Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-diversity, Anger Management, Business Growth, Social Economics, Mindfulness, Politics, Nutritional Health, Physical Training.


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