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Stephen Chandler

From early signs of entrepreneurial promise at the age of 11 - making 40% profit on Coke cans bought from the Co-op and re-sold to school friends - through being spotted and trained for leadership by the Royal Air Force (as a pilot) at 15 years old, Stephen subsequently spent 25 years working in advertising management.  First with network agencies such as Ogilvy, GGT, JWT and TMW, and latterly founding and running his own agencies: The Feel Agency, TomTom nation, Barber & Chandler, and The Wooden Table.  During that time, he has been a highly effective manager, leader, entrepreneur, mentor and non-executive director to many individuals, companies and charities.

Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth encourages her clients to be curious, ask questions and to challenge themselves to be the best they can; uncovering passions, and intentions, to unlock what really drives them.  She focuses on compassion-based coaching and sound meditation, an approach that helps you reach your ideal self by making life-enhancing changes.  Having previously worked in financial services – in very intense and stressful working environments – she burned out, with sleep deprivation and anxiety.  Discovery of coaching and sound meditation gave her tools that not only transformed her mindset and helped her create a better structure and lifestyle, but also brought her happiness and reduced stress and anxiety levels – a realisation, and reality, she now shares with her clients.

Adam Giles

Adam believes that everyone has the ability to reach their own goals and aspirations.  He has done this himself over the years by exposing himself to challenging environments, that have forced him to adapt and change... however without the right coaching, guidance and support, through the tech and physical fitness industries he has worked in, he would have struggled to achieve these goals.  His goal as a coach is to enable you to unlock your potential in an authentic and approachable way, by supporting your development and improving performance, by offering you life coaching, and physical & nutritional coaching.  With these three pillars you can be a highly successful, adaptable and resilient human that will be able to build to the next level of your life.



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